Solmukohta Special: Visibility

Karsten Dombrowski, Frida Sofie S. Jansen, Elge Larsson, Lizzie Stark at the panel. Photo (c) Rafael Bienia

It does not matter how much effort you put into your hobby. As long as you are not good, you cannot expect that someone will be interested enough to understand your doing. It is a hobby. Stereotypes are used when people simply do not care about you. As there are few positive stereotypes and we role-players do not share any one of them, the only way out is to become so good that you are not ignored anymore. In this blog entry I will not ask how to become good, as this is not a larp related topic, but what larpers can do to improve their reputation (if they need or want that). Continue reading


Solmukohta Special: When Larp was not fun in Russia

A popular internet meme. I have chosen it because of the colour.

At the Solmukohta 2012, we had a panel how to talk to the public about larp. After much debate with journalists from the US, Finland, Germany and other larpers from more countries, the best advice I heard was: just talk. Maybe larpers are more afraid of the people than they should. So far, the gentleman told us, every person he talked to was pretty excited when the hobby was explained to her or him. Continue reading

What is … Larp

If you want to know theoretically what larp is about, take twenty minutes and listen to Johanna Koljonen’s talk on the Nordic Larp tradition. The first ten minutes deal with video games, tabletop role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons and the fan involvement), and larp as something which rose from these games independently across countries and even the Iron Curtain.

Johanna’s comparison of larp to a birthday party is ingenious!