Solmukohta Special: BBC “Fantasy dressing up for live action roleplay games”

Due my preparations for tomorrow’s Role-Play Convention in Köln (Germany), a short informative post. What does this have to do with Solmukohta? Larp & Lizzie! This is not a new Dungeons & Dragons clone, but the reason why I post this here. I met Lizzie Stark shortly in Helsinki and was pretty much impressed by her. The BBC broadcasted this video about larp with several nice scenes from US larps on 2.05.2012.

More on BBC News.

Why do they write ‘live-action roleplay’? It is the BBC! Recently, the Oxford English dictionary added the word larp. How to spell larp according to the Oxford dictionary can be found here.

This was the third blog entry in my series on larp@solmukohta2012. Every Friday for the next six weeks, I will tell you what I have learnt at the Solmukohta 2012 larp conference.

Additionally, I will add a new gallery of larp photos I have taken in the last years to my blog section on Larp photography.

Thanks to you for reading and facebooking my posts! I do my best so that you have something interesting to read. More to come – show me your interest and support me by subscribing to this blog!



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