Solmukohta Special: More French RPG!

Aleae iacta sum – (c) Sven Daennart

Today’s post on what I have learnt in Finland will return to the French RPG scene. I apologise for not having posted in the last two weeks, but work comes first. Now, everything should go fine and as a special, I want to make some advertisement for fellow RPG blogger Thomas Be’s text on French role-playing games. Two cool facts before you should leave my blog: 1. The post has been published first in a Finnish magazine. 2. I was not sure that In Nomine was a French tabletop RPG when we were playing it back in 1999.

This was the fifth blog entry in my series on larp@solmukohta 2012. Every Friday for the next four weeks, I will tell you what I have learnt at the Solmukohta 2012 larp conference.

Additionally, I will add a new gallery of larp photos I have taken in the last years to my blog section on Larp photography.

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