Presenting: Workshop STAGE#02 Protokolle

The meme expresses the problem: how do you record volatile phenomena?

This week I will present on the topic of game studies methods at STAGE#02. It is the second workshop of the Institute for Media Culture and Theater at the University of Cologne.

The topic ‚protocols‘ should provide some insides in best practices, difficulties, and insights of gathering and selecting data for a study. I will present my set of methods in the context of larp. One questions will be: How do you write field notes about such an ephemeral phenomena as role play?

More: (in German): Link

German Larp Research Group

Early this year, we started a research group on the topic of live action role play (larp) in Germany. The group consists of different groups that plan academic projects across the country. My responsibility is the library. Together with Björn-Ole Kamm we establish contacts to universities.  The ‚AG‘ or ‚working group‘ is tied to the German larp association ‚D.L.R.V.‘ (Deutscher Liverollenspiel Verband). You can follow our activites via our Facebook page:

Below, you can enlarge our flyer. In German only.