Augmented Reality Field Work I ::: I is Ingress, I is IOS, I is Incompatibility

The augmented reality game Ingress by Google is out now for Apple systems.

I currently prepare the first run.

So far my notes:

  • Ingress seems incompatible with IOS 6 or/and iPhone 3Gs.
  • Some texts on privacy and Ingress on reddit:

  • What google account would you use?

Tomorrow, there will be more. With pictures!

Alright, I played the first 2×45 minutes Ingress in Maastricht. Here some evidence:

Claiming my first portal in the courtyard of our faculty.
Claiming my first portal in the courtyard of our faculty.

I do not want to repeat all the information that you get on other websites and blogs. Therefore, this brief post. Basically, Ingress is an RTS where waiting for the next round is replaced with waiting + walking. The graphics remind me of System Shock when it was released. I like the soundtrack though, although it does not respond very much with the locations, only when you interact with them.

More posts follow soon!

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