A past and future writer

In the past I was a super productive writer. I felt the urge to write.

At one point I began to doubt that I was an author. I stopped. At the same time I jumped into several careers that honed my skills as a writer. I have mastered editing and copyediting, different forms of texts, and how to structure stories in advance.

Today I write more powerful than ever. I am still doubting myself, but this is now a part of myself that double checks my stories.

Tomorrow I publish more on a regular basis. Currently, I write a cyoa book for children, a historical fantasy novella in English, and edit my next flash fiction anthology.

Stay tuned!

Flash Fiction: Welten

Suchen Sie nach blitzartigen Wegen in andere Welten? In meiner dritten Anthologie behandle ich Facetten von Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk und mehr. Dieses E-Book beinhaltet acht Erzählungen. Einige sind kurz (Flash Fiction), andere rasante Kurzgeschichten. Aber alle zeigen Ihnen vielleicht eine Welt, die Ihnen vorher verborgen war.