Machen’s „The Great God Pan“ in the eye’s of Lorca’s ‚Duende‘

(c) Pat Rogers, Hank Williams III at the Haunted Ranch

I admit, that this is quite a complicated title. Let me explain to you both artist’s texts and see what happens if we compare them. The Great God Pan is a novella written by Arthur Machen in 1894. The story is about a medical operation, most likely a lobotomy, which is imposed on a female child. The child becomes the center of short stories, which chronologically follow the child’s growth and her legacy. More important is the idea of the abusive doctor who wants to open the eyes of the child to see the Great God Pan. What this being is, is not clear. Descriptions of naked or hairy men in the woods appear throughout the story, as told by third characters. I could never understand what the Great God Pan was similar to: religious feelings, a spiritualistic nonsense which was common in the 1890s, or a state of elevation, like ecstasy or any other emotional state. Weiterlesen „Machen’s „The Great God Pan“ in the eye’s of Lorca’s ‚Duende‘“

Witch House & Darkfolk: Why the Digital Society needs this ‚Rauschen‘

Rauschen is the German word for contact noise, hissing, noise, random noise and even swoosh. I choose a non-English word as it expresses onomatopoetically what we have found out while observing contemporary online cultures in the last twelve months. In this theoretical blog entry you will have to read, watch music videos and think a little bit. On the other hand, you will get an insight into an emerging cultural movement which probably doesn’t even see what we discuss here itself. Let’s move forward and listen to the sound of das Rauschen. Weiterlesen „Witch House & Darkfolk: Why the Digital Society needs this ‚Rauschen‘“