Disney + Star Wars + Larp elements = Star Wars Land

Disney has announced a new theme park: Star Wars Land.

The park is going to be ‚immersive‘. Visitors enter a location with actors in costumes. Visitors can lay hands on the controls of the Millennium Falcon.

As Martin Ericsson writes: „My old friend and boss at The Company P – Christopher Sandberg has been heavily involved in this, imagineers have visited and studied The Monitor Celestra and College of Wizardry, so there is already a strong link to Nordic participatory culture in this venture.“

We will see how it will look like and … feel like.

German Larp Research Group

Early this year, we started a research group on the topic of live action role play (larp) in Germany. The group consists of different groups that plan academic projects across the country. My responsibility is the library. Together with Björn-Ole Kamm we establish contacts to universities.  The ‚AG‘ or ‚working group‘ is tied to the German larp association ‚D.L.R.V.‘ (Deutscher Liverollenspiel Verband). You can follow our activites via our Facebook page:


Below, you can enlarge our flyer. In German only.


Disney develops ‚role play simulation engine‘

Disney finally tries to engage their customers with long term effects of their theme park experiences. A patent on a ‚role play simulation engine‘ has been developed. I already have an idea how my dissertation chapter on ‚larp‘ and location fits into this picture.

Read more: http://www.stitchkingdom.com/disney-role-play-patent-61474/

Thanks to Carl David Habbe for the link.

Book chapter published. hedo/art/scenes. Hedonismus in Kunst und Jugendkulturen


The German book hedo/art/scenes. Hedonismus in Kunst und Jugendszenen is edited by Jutta Zaremba and published with kopaed, Munich, 2013. It is the fifth book in the series Kunst Pädagogik Partizipation. The book chapters discuss the topic of hedonism in art and youth cultures. My chapter ‚Stimulation denn Simulation: Ist Larp hedonistisch?‘ asks whether larp is hedonistic. I use such a normative question to invite the reader on a wild ride of reflections on topics as stimulation, simulation, leisure, work, fun, no-fun.

Wyrd Con Companion 2012 online

The companion to the U.S. larp conference Wyrd Con is online, edited by Sarah Lynne Bowman and Aaron Vanek. The appealing design has been created by Kirsten Hageleit. This year, an academic section has been added. Here you can find among other texts my contribution about larp motivation in Germany. Click on this link or on the image below to open the book (~19 MB).


Click on image to open pdf.

* If you liked the book and would like to support the convention, there is a kickstarter campaign running for next year. 5$ make organizers happy and where do you get coffee below 5$ nowadays? (Maybe in the Bandito Espresso in Maastricht).


How Fantasy-Racism in Larp could create Allophilia

Because of mythopoesis and the size of the larp scene, Fantasy-Racism in larp is creating allophilia, which is the opposite of racism. It is Greek and means love for the other, which includes foreign cultures. The difference to philanthropy, which means love for humans, allophilia is directed to distinguishable groups of people. It could be said of larpers as a subculture to be distinguishable from other hobbiests like amateur photographers or ice-hockey fans. Disclaimer: This article is 99 44/100% free of irony. Weiterlesen „How Fantasy-Racism in Larp could create Allophilia“

Stop spelling mistakes in role-playing … or is it ‚role playing‘? (Update 2.05.2012)

The hyphenation of RPGs was never an easy task, especially when there is a variety. Do you wonder how to spell role-playing terminology right? Test yourself:

Wrong or right?

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  • I do research on role playing
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