Solmukohta Special: More French RPG!

Aleae iacta sum – (c) Sven Daennart

Today’s post on what I have learnt in Finland will return to the French RPG scene. I apologise for not having posted in the last two weeks, but work comes first. Now, everything should go fine and as a special, I want to make some advertisement for fellow RPG blogger Thomas Be’s text on French role-playing games. Two cool facts before you should leave my blog: 1. The post has been published first in a Finnish magazine. 2. I was not sure that In Nomine was a French tabletop RPG when we were playing it back in 1999.

This was the fifth blog entry in my series on larp@solmukohta 2012. Every Friday for the next four weeks, I will tell you what I have learnt at the Solmukohta 2012 larp conference.

Additionally, I will add a new gallery of larp photos I have taken in the last years to my blog section on Larp photography.

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Solmukohta Special: Franco-Swiss way of larping

Les Francophones – Parfumeurs de Larp!

In January, at the German larp conference MittelPunkt, I attended Josephine Verneuil’s presentation on French larp. Almost half a year later, I was sitting in Helsinki, still hungry. Our neighbours promised us to experience ‘le jeu de rĂ´le grandeur nature‘ (French for larp) with all our senses. Did they bring some cheese? Find out! Continue reading

Solmukohta Special: When Larp was not fun in Russia

A popular internet meme. I have chosen it because of the colour.

At the Solmukohta 2012, we had a panel how to talk to the public about larp. After much debate with journalists from the US, Finland, Germany and other larpers from more countries, the best advice I heard was: just talk. Maybe larpers are more afraid of the people than they should. So far, the gentleman told us, every person he talked to was pretty excited when the hobby was explained to her or him. Continue reading